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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Hi Guys Long Time No See

It's Been a long time since i last post.
Today i gonna share with u one of the programs that WC3 Pro gamers
usually use when they are training for 2v2, 3v3, 4v4.
They call this program wc3 master which i feel is a very good program.
What it can do? It checks your APM. etc.
Whats is APM?
APM is only of the reason of why players like grubby, moon_spirit , check, remind can micro that well in games, in warcraft, star craft, people always uses APM to gauge one's micro. Exactly wad is APM? ACTION PER MINUTE(APM.)
Are u always busy micro-ing? or are u always sitting back and waiting for cash?
Are u grouping ur units well always? Ur macro? Buildings?
this is wad we call action per minute.
Although is cannot be proven exactly, ur apm can be higher then Grubby for example, simply clicking second click the whole game can make ur apm higher then grubby. =)
Not that accurate, but it can detect the way u play using replays.
Grubby's APM in average 25 min is 170-220
Moon's APM in average 25min 250-300++
this are one of the few micoers that can really make themselves really busy many times.
I guess there are some questions asked.
IS there really a lot of things to micro?
Y thier APM is that high?
I feel that they are actually doing extra clicks
y are they looking busy?
Y can't they win and win games through normal micro?

What i can tell u would be excellent micros would be
1. workers taking lumber in the nearest possible tree always.
2. building timing and producing in excellent timings.
3. Planning of routes, the way u rally out, would it be the fastest way to reach ur rally point?
4. are u doing more then 3 things when u are playing a game?
5. are u building and defending ur base well and haressing, creeping all at the same time?
6. Handling haresses well?
7. Your workers are always doing things?
8. You controll ur money well enough?

What i really feel this program really helps in is the minutes and units that u produce when
playing. I analysised 2 orc players in clan bala. James aka(james.noob, m0nster, 3rdSqaurdCaptain) and WenHong aka( wh, xxjiangchenxx). i realise james's tauren is fewer then wh's by 2 taurens, but james tauren always seems to be fitter then wh's.
More units better or research is better?
This program can gauge a good timing with u and your teamate.
1. when my tauren is out, will there be time for You to reach inner fire?(too fast too slow?)
2. when i tech, have u teched?
3. when i have 4 witch docters, how many necs u should have?
4. when do i get my second hero? time?

this program can gauge the speed, and timing of units.=) using replays.