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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Letting You Know More.

This Post will let u Know more about DsD, which has been quite
topic in Clan Bala these recent days. My curious made me check
things out. I got something interesting to show u guys. =)
Dsd)starfish( maybe from clan atl(clan alternative). See Here
How Famous is clan atl? i don care, u wanna see? See Here
Suprisingly, If u guys remeber there is a Wc3 one of sg top player name [aLt]duckie. See Here
Many things u can know about this clan. Click Here
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MUST SEE<------- I am Stunned.
Sg Top 16 Players in this year's WCG Click Here
U saw this guy call Dsd)starfish(LoL
Fluke Webby? Bo Ko Leng
Lousy Website? Soso
Lame Posting? ABIT KaPoh
For Ur Info? YES
I am Starting to think y come bala.. =) Enjoy this post. There are many more things i found
out, sometimes i should not be too kapoh. =X