Which is your favourite race in AT?

Monday, October 17, 2005


I have been addicted to this webby of wc3 replays recently, i realise a good webby to keep u occupy for the whole afternoon. http://www.wcreplays.com/
Replays, strategys, interviews.
Interviews with top orc player 4k^grubby, human player 4k^tod. and many great users.
What really interest me this few days is the World ranking of wc3 players, surprisingly, through fair voting, moon_spirit was crown best player, followed by 4k^grubby. CLick here to view
Moon_spirit has won quite a few over (Grubbygrubby vs moon orc vs orc, 5 matches, and grubby vs moon, elf vs elf, 5 matches... after grubby wins 8 of them) u decide hu is better =), once again, moon_spirit is a great NE player, i Have been addicted to theses players, they are like characters beating great opponents, moon_spirit is clanless and has been in wc3 business for quite sometime. few of his replay has been release about him, i hope the next post will be him playing. =) SOuth korea indeed has dominated the most of the top 10 best players. 4k^Fov bla bla.
i relise it's difficult playing wc3 outside. Remind if u guys know abt him always domintates the online ladder, but always failed to perform on LAN occasions, he has participated in LAN gaming, but so far has not achieved much like wad he did online always.
Ladder season RANKED 1st---> remind. but he nv been able to perform outside. =(
if u guys know 4k^fov, he has beaten moon_spirit quite numberous times. Ranking doesn't shows hu beats hu, but it just shows how much achievment one has made in the wc3 scene.
Next up,
4k^grubby's view on every match b4 it starts
50% / 50% Orc:Human
40% / 60% Orc:Night Elf
59% / 41% Undead:Human
65% Orc / 35 % Undead.
4k^grubby's favourite players around the globe.
orc- Dayfly,
undead- FoV, Lucifer and Susiria
human- 4k^tod
Finally, a little preview of wad 4k^grubby was interview when asked about moon_spirit.

Question: Are you afraid of Moon?
Grubby: No, I am not afraid of Moon. As I've said before, I hold Moon as a player in very high regard. In fact I feel that he belongs more in starcraft because warcraft seems too easy for him. I don't completely understand the necessary connection of moon whenever I'm mentioned and the reverse, but it's very flattering. I know my chances of winning are very low (not 0%), especially when you realise several facts:NE > ORC on most mapsMoon > ORC on all mapsRemember that realism does not indicate fear.

Question: But why are you dodging Moon at events then?
Grubby: I am not dodging Moon at events. It's very silly to draw conclusions on such foundations as that I'm making life-important decisions such as not going to WEG. Is Moon dodging me by not playing in WC3L anymore? Of course not. You have to realise that none of my important decisions (and similarly, his) are made to please the critics.

Question: Why aren't you going to WEG then?
Grubby: For that I have my reasons. First of all, for me it's a very unattractive tournament system, in the very sense that I don't like it at all. Best of 1 with a specifically assigned map for game-breaking matches, seems to me much more based on luck or bad luck than bo3's with double elimination for example. There is no way to justify an ORC vs UD on LT for example, just as there is no way to justify an ORC vs NE on Turtle. Secondly, I couldn't go even if I wanted to. I'm actually starting university soon (12 september) so there's no possible way to take a 1 month-time frame out of my studies. Apart from that WEG III will even have conflicting dates with WCG and I don't know how that'll be handled.

Question: Who is better, you or Moon? Grubby: How can you judge such a thing? Which is better, rock papers or scissors?