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Friday, December 26, 2008

Download Warcraft 3 Maphack

Look no further, no pop up and no stupid spam. Follow the steps below and get maphack in 1 minute.

I have store the maphack in one of the cars forum. You need to register in the forum.

(1) Click the link
(2) Click Register - Register an account in forum
(3) Download the maphack, banlist and custom kick

Thats it.

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Download Custom Kick version 1.22 (July 2008)

Download the July 2008 version of custom kick software.

Custom Kick allows the host of the custom games or dota games in warcraft 3, to kick any players from the games even in the middle of the game.

Good software to kick the irritating guys from the game :)

Download here

Download NameSpoofer Pro Version 1.22 (July 2008)

Download NameSpooferPro version 1.22 (July 2008) here.

NameSpooferPro allows warcraft 3 user change the nick and color of the nick to be displayed in the custom games or dota.

Download here

Download Dota Map 6.57b

Download Dota map 6.57b

What are the changes in 6.57b?

Changed how -sd hero selection works. The three heroes are now added as icons to select from your circle of power

  • * Lots of fixes and improvements to the translation capacity of the map
    * Fixed a few Warcraft 1.20e specific bugs for Chinese community
    * Some performance improvements (more coming in the near future)
    * Your Circle of Power now has 6 inventory slots. The items it has are now abilities instead. You cannot pickup items that you don't own with Circle of Power
    * Items drop on top of your Circle of Power if a unit is not there instead of making a big pile in the center

    * Improved Shallow Grave cooldown
    * Increased the bounty on Power Cogs a little bit
    * Decreased Clockwerk's Intelligence gain slightly
    * Increased Hookshot manacost from 125 to 150
    * Scaled the cooldown on Eclipse from 140 seconds for all levels to 160/150/140 seconds
    * Eclipse no longer continues after death, Beam interval is increased from 0.5 to 0.6 seconds
    * Improved Windrunner cooldown
    * Lowered Admiral Proudmoore's base Intelligence and intelligence gain
    * Decreased X Marks The Spot duration
    * Added manacost to manual return ability of X Marks The Spot
    * Increased Ghost Ship's manacost
    * Lowered Omniknight's base movement speed by 5
    * Increased Rhasta's base strength
    * Improved AOE on Fervor
    * Improved Dark Seer's cast animation point
    * Increased length of Wall of Replica slightly
    * Lowered bonus damage per second on early levels of Geostrike
    * Tweaks to Shackleshot angle and area check mechanism
    * Slightly improved Shackleshot duration and cd
    * Improved Mass Serpent Wards' cooldown
    * Reduced Haunt Illusions' damage from 50% to 40%
    * Haunt now has a 1 second delay during which they fade in before the images start attacking the targets
    * Improved Thunder Clap AOE
    * Improve Primal Split's manacost and cooldown scaling per level
    * Improved Life Break
    * Improved Slardar's Cast Point
    * Increased Command Aura's AOE
    * Reworked Voodoo Restoration stats
    * Minor improvements to Glyph of Fortification
    * Courier now costs 200 gold
    * Improved Eidolons damage type progression
    * Lowered Lycan's Wolves Hitpoints
    * Lowered base armor on Lycan and his wolves by 2
    * Increased Empowering Haste's AOE
    * Improved Aphotic Shield's life from 100/125/150/175 to 110/140/170/200
    * Increased Kelen's Dagger cooldown from 15 to 18

    * Circle of Power is now selected for each player at the start of the game
    * Added disablehelp for X Marks the Spot
    * Fixed some issues with the tree layout near the center scourge neutral camp
    * Slight adjustment of top scourge tower position
    * Your Circle of Power is more visible than your allies'
    * Undid the previous minimap change due to concerns from different leagues
    * Tweaked the bash values on Roshan
    * Moved Glyph of Fortification from an item to an ability on your Circle of Power to prevent some abuses possible by the enemy
    * Added Disablehelp for Keeper of the Light's Recall
    * Added new hero sounds to -quote (Ogre Magi, Techies, Blademaster, Panda) and it now also tells you which number it played if you randomed with it
    * Changed Windrunner's soundset

    * Adjusted neutral pullability area for the Scourge ancients a bit
    * Fixed camera movement issues when multiple Meepos respawn with Aegis of Immortal
    * Fixed scoreboard consumables count
    * Fixed static field doing a small amount more than what the tooltip says
    * Fixed BKB being droppable after use when it's duration is decreasing
    * Fixed the text display in -sc
    * Fixed a bug with Phase Boots and Puck's Phase
    * Fixed Phase Boots triggering Last Word
    * Fixed some issues with the creep pathing on the bottom Sentinel wave
    * Fixed a bug in Death Match that allows you to rebuy the same hero again
    * Fixed Observer Board not showing up from a reloaded game in -cm
    * Fixed hero respawn issues in regular dm (not dmap or dmar)
    * Fixed Dust of Appearance tooltip not showing cooldown
    * Fixed an old issue with dropping items away from you while under Berserker's Call pull
    * Prevented Flying Courier from using dust of appearance
    * Fixed an issue with Dawn Tavern being disabled when repicking in normal mode
    * Fixed the RD spot not being marked as unexplored for scourge players after the draft phase
    * Fixed a rare bug with Psionic Trap count limit not being enforced
    * Fixed a test game only bug that caused the tower deaths to not register properly in single player
    * Fixed a bug with Aegis of Immortal not setting proper mana on Meepo clones
    * Fixed some performance related bugs with Admiral Proudmoore
    * Fixed a bug with Power Treads and Essence Aura
    * Fixed some minor bugs with the manabase on Primal Split's level 1 and 2 Earth
    * Fixed Sange sell cost
    * Fixed some minor issues with Phase Boots
    * Fixed Kelen's Dagger being undroppable for the same old cooldown values
    * Fixed Windrunner not appearing in -sd or -ai
    * Fixed a Drop Items bug with courier and Aegis of Immortal
    * Fixed a bug in some game modes where Kelen's Dagger had a small chance to not register properly and get disabled on incoming damage
    * Fixed some rare bugs with the combination of Dispersion and Starfall
    * Fixed some group selection inconsistencies with Primal Split units
    * Fixed Windrunner to not cancel your movement command
    * Fixed Phase Boots from canceling Curse of the Silent
    * Fixed a bug with X Marks The Spot and Primal Split
    * Fixed some issues with super creeps (in -sc) getting stuck
    * Fixed Shackleshot and Nature's Guise to work on Sprout trees
    * Fixed a recent bug with the -courier command
    * Fixed Torrent buff icon
    * Added -cm to -gameinfo
    * Fixed being able to buy from secret shop from the area above Roshan
    * Fixed some group selection priority issues with Circle of Power and the shops

    * Fixed a few critical bugs that could cause some abilities to malfunction

Ai Iijima Found Dead

Former talento Iijima Ai was discovered dead in her luxury Tokyo apartment yesterday afternoon. She was 36. A friend who had tried unsuccessfully to reach her for several days asked the building caretaker to let her in. They found Iijima lying face down on the floor of her living room. Local firefighters were on the scene minutes later and they reported that Iijima had been dead for several days. Police said there was no sign of a struggle and are investigating the death as either suicide or death from natural causes. The apartment is one of just four on the 21st floor of an office building minutes walk from the bustling Shibuya station.

The area is a mecca for the young girls and women among whom Iijima became something of a cult figure in the 1990s. A former porn star, she made a successful jump to the regular TV variety circuit. But rather than try and hide her colorful past she turned it into the autobiography "Platonic Sex," which sold over 1.7 million copies. In the book she revealed that she had suffered both abuse and rape. Royalties from the book and a movie spinoff, together with her regular TV appearances brought her considerable wealth. But she was plagued with health problems, which she cited as her main reason for quitting show business last year. In February she said she was taking medication for a "mild neurosis."

Through this and other occasional entries on her blog, "Porno Hospital," she kept fans up to date on her life and business dealings. She is said to have been planning to start a new business focused on selling condoms to women. She wrote extensively about World Aids Day at the beginning of this month and attended a related Rotary Club event in Tochigi Prefecture on December 6. A spokesman expressed shock at the news of her death, saying she had seemed in good form.

Source from japan-zone.com

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Clan Bala - Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne

Clan Bala ... loyal players of Frozen Throne !

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

War3 patch error: Cannot find war3.exe

Facing war craft 3, frozen throne patch 1.22 error after downloading the patch in the game? no worry, here is the solution for you.

Click on the following link, register as member and download Visual C++ file, run the exe file and you will be enter the game. Battle net will not release the new patch until the 2nd week of July.


Thursday, June 05, 2008

Download Dota 6.52C

Download HERE 1
Download HERE 2

Latest Change Log

* Changed some bounty values on Transmuted neutral creeps when using Hand of Midas
* Significantly lowered Ancient of Lore and Temple of the Damned's armor and increased their HP regeneration (15->5 armor, 2.5->20 HP/sec)
* Fixed a minor bug with Juxtapose
* Fixed some bugs with -pm
* Fixed a bug with capturing a rune using a Bottle from a leaver
* Fixed a minor bug when trying to form Satanic on courier.
* Infest now properly dispels buffs when you go in a unit
* Fixed Marksmanship hotkey
* SinglePlayer's test commands -lvlup and -refresh now work for multiple heroes
* Siege units now get a minor bonus when the respective range rax (Temple of the Damned/Ancient of Lore) is destroyed
* Fixed Meepo with Aegis of the Immortal
* Fixed some aggro problems with one of the scourge neutral camps
* Fixed an issue with buying an item on a unit as it was dying that resulted in a tome version of the item appearing
* Fixed multiple Dagons with different levels not sharing cooldown
* Fixed a bug with Sandstorm that caused various game glitches with Blackhole and Spectral Dagger
* Fixed a potential suicide issue with Fatal Bonds
* Fixed a minor glitch with Maelstrom triggering Perseverance's cooldown
* Improved cast range and cooldown on Plague
* Changed Soul Rip allied damage to hp loss to prevent it from dispelling consumables
* Improved damage progression on Slithereen Crush
* Fixed a bug with Morphling in -dm when spawning with melee bashers
* Fixed the recent Morph not transfering stats at proper speed at levels 2 and 3 (DonTomaso)
* Increased Howl's duration
* Fixed a bug when combining -sd and -du game modes
* Fixed -music from affecting other players
* Removed leaver hero icon when using -kickafk
* Lowered Bounty Hunter's Wind Walk cooldown
* Fixed an exploit with Time Walk
* Fixed an old rare bug involving Sprout and Spirit Bear
* Fixed a potential bug when healing with Bottle near the fountain
* Fixed a bug with captured rune not expiring when using allied shared Bottle
* Fixed a bug with Spirit Bear dying with bottle in -dm