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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Clan Bala In House Tournament

Clan Bala is conducting the in-house tournament.

1) Only Clan Bala members can participate this tournament
2) Only 1v1 game on battle.net official map is allowed

How to participate:
1) Any time. any days and any opponent, you need to save the replay and send it to Bala_Chieftain@yahoo.com.sg
2) Your points will be added into the scoring chart as in the picture. 3 points to win, 2 points to draw and 1 point to lose.
3) All games must be attached replay -or- witness by Shaman or Chieftain -or- agreed by both players.
4) We will then determine the top 3 players in the Clan.
5) This table will be effective for 1 year, till Dec 2006.
6) Not all names of player appear at this moment, until the game being played.

You may leave comment at this post or to discuss it further in the forum. You may record your own challenge record in the forum too.