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Thursday, August 04, 2005

WCG 2005 Official Maps

WCG 2005 Official Maps for Warcraft 3, Frozen Throne

Lost Temple (Reign of Chaos)
- Suggested Players: FFA, 2vs2- Size: Medium- Tileset: Lordaeron Summer - Ringed by gold mines, the Fountain of Health beckons. Expand quickly or risk being crushed by your opponents.

Turtle Rock
- Suggested Players: 1v1, 2vs2- Size: Small- Tileset: Lordaeron Summer - Once an island for all those who were exiled, this has now become an island of riches for those who seek its hidden treasures. .

Twisted Meadows
- Suggested Players: 1v1, 2vs2, FFA- Size: Medium- Tileset: Lordaeron Summer - The path twists, and the future is uncertain. Race for the center and the treasures it might hold, or visit a Goblin Laboratory and explore one of the small islands.

Echo Isle
- Suggested Players: 1v1- Size: Small- Tileset: Lordaeron Summer - Though these islands are surrounded by deep and treacherous waters, they have seen little peace. Many of the creatures dwelling here are refugees from the war. They have nothing left to lose. Don't expect a warm welcome.