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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Patch 1.19 is out

Please click on here to download the latest patch 1.19.

Please read the following for the changes of 1.19

Added range creep to expansion goldmines.
Replaced both Fountain of Health with Mercenary camps and changed the creep composition so that it’s not all piercing attack.
Replaced the mana fountain with a Market Place and changed the level 3 perm item drop to level 3 charged items.
Replaced one Troll Trapper with an equal level Ogre to the all troll trapper green camp next to each start location.
Added a tavern to each side of the map, reduced the creep level and item that guard the Mercenary buildings, and reduced two Orange creep camps and level of the item drop.
Opened areas of the map to help alleviate strong choke points that favor ranged unit combat.
Replaced the 4 center orange camps with 4 green camps.
Replaced two ranged units with two melee units to the creep camps guarding the Goblin Merchants.
Increase the Orange camps level near each start location and added an additional item to each of those camps.
Reduced the creep level on the two middle Red creep camps.
Reduced the creep level on the East and West Goblin Laboratory creep camps.
All creep with the ability to posses units have been removed this map.
Added a few trees to all the start locations to ensure better balance of lumber harvesting for all races.
Changed the level 4 charged item drops at the Goblin Merchant to level 4 permanent drops.
Added pathing room around Goblin Laboratory and removed the clump of trees in front of the Goblin Laboratory to enhance game play.
Lowered the goldmine creep camp from Red to Green
Pushed Blues West ramp further from it’s start location.
Removed all Gnoll Assassins from the Goblin Merchant creep camps, replaced with Gnoll Brute’s.
Fixed Red and Teal start location to be closer to the goldmines like the other start locations.
Removed the Tavern from all start locations
Can now path across the center of the map, added a Tavern to the center of the map.
Reduced the Item and creep levels of the 4 Red camps in the center of the map.
The 6 center goldmines have been reduced in difficulty of creep camps.
The two center creep camps have been pushed away from pathable area to prevent accidental attacks.
The players alliance settings have been changed to favor 2v2.
(6)Moonglade – New Map File
Two center creep camps and buildings have been removed.
Added two tavern to the center of the map.
Opened up all chokepoints.
Added some tree to all start location to help harvesting.
Added a few trees to Yellow and Teal start location to ensure lumber harvesting balance.
Added ground Anti-Air units to the East and West Red creep camps.
Bonus Maps Added to Battle.net
(2)Shrine of the Ancients
(2)Terenas Stand
(4)Phantom Grove
(6)Sunrock Cove
(6)Emerald Shores
(8)Full Scale Assault
(8)Hurricane Isle
(10)Skibis Castle TD

Creep-dropped item sell prices have been standardized. Items of the same level will now generally sell for the same amount.

Skeletal Mastery research time reduced to 30 seconds from 45 seconds.
Skeletal Longevity research time reduced to 15 seconds from 30 seconds.
Exhume Corpses research now costs 75 gold / 50 lumber down from 125 gold/ 100 lumber.
Destroyer armor reduced to 3 from 4.

Spiritwalkers now have the passive Resistant Skin ability. This causes some spells such as Cyclone and Slow to have a much shorter duration when used on a Spiritwalker. Resistant skin also grants immunity to certain other spells such as Polymorph and Possession.
Ensnare duration reduced from 15 seconds to 12 seconds.
Batrider hit points reduced to 325 from 400.

Night Elf
Tree of Life build time increased to 120 seconds from 110 seconds.

Human Towers (Guard, Cannon, Arcane and Scout) now gain 1 armor per masonry upgrade, down from 2. WORLD EDITOR CHANGES
Trigger Editor
The "Image" category and actions now appear after the "Item" category.
The "Ubersplat" category and actions now appear after the "Unit Group" category.
Fixed script generation errors when using the "Terrain Pathing Is Off" function. This is now a Boolean function.

Fixed script generation errors when using variables of the following types:
Attack Type
Combat Sound
Damage Type
Effect Type
Pathing Type
Sound Type
Sorted lightning type presets.
Appended "Cliff" to cliff terrain types, to distinguish them from non-cliff terrain types.
Renamed "Life Drain" and "Mana Drain" to "Drain Life" and "Drain Mana", respectively.

Cleaned up the name, grammar text, hints and/or sorting order for the following trigger functions/calls:
(Boolean) Environment - Terrain Pathing Is Off (was Terrain Pathable)
(Unit) Event Response - Damage Source
(String) Game - Ability Name
(String) Game - Ability Effect Art Path (was Ability Effect Art)
(String) Game - Ability Effect Sound Name (was Ability Sound)
(String) Hero - Hero Proper Name
(String) Trigger - Trigger Name
(Real) Lightning - Red Color of Lightning
(Real) Lightning - Green Color of Lightning
(Real) Lightning - Blue Color of Lightning
(Real) Lightning - Alpha Value of Lightning (was Alpha Color of Lightning)
Cleaned up the name, grammar text, hints and/or sorting order for the following trigger actions:
Environment - Change Terrain Type
Environment - Turn Terrain Pathing On/Off (was Turn Pathing On/Off)
Floating Text - Suspend/Resume
Floating Text - Permanent/Expires
Floating Text - Change Color
Floating Text - Change Lifespan
Floating Text - Change Fading Age (was Change Fadepoint)
Floating Text - Change Age
Game - Enable/Disable Selection (was Enable/Disable Select)
Game - Enable/Disable Drag-Selection (was Enable/Disable Drag Select)
Game - Enable/Disable Pre-Selection (was Enable/Disable Pre Select)
Image - Create
Image - Change Color
Image - Change Render State
Image - Change Render Always State
Image - Change Above Water State
Lightning - Create Lightning Effect (was Create Lightning Effect At Points)
Lightning - Move Lightning Effect (was Move Lightning Effect To Points)
Lightning - Set Lightning Effect Color
Unit - Add Classification
Unit - Remove Classification
Unit - Issue Drop Item Order (was Drop Item On A Point)
Unit - Issue Move Item In Inventory Order (was Drop Item In Slot)
Unit - Issue Give Item Order (was Drop Item On A Unit)
Unit - Damage Area
Unit - Damage Target
Unit - Decrease Level Of Ability For Unit
Unit - Increase Level Of Ability For Unit
Unit - Set Level Of Ability For Unit
Ubersplat - Create
Ubersplat - Change Render State
Ubersplat - Change Render Always State
Added an event and three new trigger functions for future tournament support:
(Trigger Event) Tournament Event
(Real) Tournament Time Remaining
(Integer) Tournament Melee Score
(Integer) Tournament Finish Rule