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Friday, June 09, 2006

News Extracted from WCG

The first-ever commentating team, 'Game Casting Team' is born for spreading e-sport culture in Singapore.
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Following the fever of WCG 2005 Grand final last year, Rapture Gaming, the organizer of WCG 2006 Singapore Championship, has launched ``Game Casting Team, which commentates various e-sport leagues including WCG tournaments and other gaming competition in the country.

Since the WCG 2005 Singapore Grand Final has completed with a great success, interests in cyber gaming such as Warcraft¥²: Frozen Throne and Half-Life: Counter-Strike 1.6 have been rising more among Singapore young generations so that Rapture Gaming came to compose e-sport commentators to help game fans to watch and enjoy e-sport leagues more easily.

According to Rapture Gaming, 'E-sport commentating is ubiquitous in countries with developed e-sport industry such as Europe, the United States, and Korea.' Rapture Gaming also added, 'Thanks to the 'Game Casting Team,' game fans in Singapore will be able to enjoy e-sport more easily, and we expect new jobs regarding e?sport commentating will come out as well.'

Game Casting Team is also commentating WCG 2006 Singapore preliminaries, accompanied with WCG 2006 Samsung Campus Gaming Festival in National University of Singapore. More detailed news about Game Casting Team and Singapore preliminaries can be found at http://sg.worldcybergames.com.