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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Undead Garg is Useless?

Many claims that garg is the useless unit to be used by Undead. I partially agree. Mainly people will start to produce garg when they lost majority of their anti air unit and then realised that the opponents have a bunch of air unit. Some time, if the player realised it early, then they still may manage to turn the game and become the winner, however, from what I notice in past 3 years, many dont.

Garg is useful mainly in random team big map especially with 2 night-elf in the opponent side. In most of the random team games, players like to tech and play by their own either creeping or doing nothing. Then when time come, a single war wil determine who is the winner.

Most of the elf player like to tech to chima, especially when there is more than 1 elf in a team and big map. Most player need a big map then only can comfortably to tech to chima, as they may be stupid and need longer time to produce the them. As such, actually it is quite useful and powerful to produce Garg in your entire RT game. However, dun try it in the 2v2 or in the 3v3 Arrange Team game. For arranged team game, you may try it in 4v4 game.