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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Tips to Play Random Team Game

Many players who are good in solo or arranged team game, may not play well in random team. This is because in random team game, you will not know who is your team mate. They may be pro who is very selfish, they may be noob who is really dun know what to do and etc.

However, through my few years playing experiences, there are some rules to be observed, which may help you to increase your probability to win the game.

1) Never TP away

Do not teleport your entire team or your dying hero away while you engaged in fighting. This will cause your teammate to be left alone to fight with stronger party out there. Keep observing, unless some one who started to TP away, or typing B B B, then only you run. You can be pro-active to ask people who run too

2) Never fight alone

Do not be hero and fight alone with others. This is common even in arranged team game

3) Look at resources

Keep a look of your partner resources and encourage them to produce unit or share the gold

4) Expend New Gold Mine

Depends on the situation, if you noticed that your team mate had expended their base, you shall not expend another gold mine too. This will cause the entire team weaken to fight with others at certain period of time

5) Self Sufficient

Build something that you shall ensure that you will be self-sufficient to produce the unit. Never expect your team mate will share their resources and some time even lumbers.

6) Adjustment

Try to build something which adjust to your team mate, even though you are not happy to build certain unit. For example, if you notice that no one has actually building melee unit, you shall take the lead to make melee unit. Do not stick on the way you build and shall be more tolerate.