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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Balla - a Small Town in County Mayo

Balla (pronounced Bal) is a small town in County Mayo, Ireland on the main road between Castlebar and Claremorris, with one street only. It is notable for its round tower. It formerly was a significant shop and market centre. In recent decades it fell into decline and lost its railway station, but has enjoyed something of a revival as a convinient residential area for people working in Castlebar.

In early times the village was known as 'Ros Dairbhreach', meaning 'The Height of the Oak Wood'. The continuing importance of the oak to the local community is reflected in the appropriately named "Dawn Oak 2000" project. At the beginning of this new millennium, 2000 oak trees were planted, creating a new wood in Balla's majestic town park. Tradition has it that Saint Patrick himself had rested in Balla, giving the village an important place in the history of the county.

The picture shonw the Round Tower at Balla