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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Replays - Mass Gargs The Gosu

24 mass gargs cleared mass chima and mass frostie in seconds, here another interesting and exciting replays for sharing.

See how the the mass gargs which cheap in cost cleared about 6 chimaera and 6 frosties in less than 10 seconds, and the Dreadlord promoted from level 4 to level 8 in seconds.

Many players like to scold me "noob" when i said i am going to make mass garg, but perhaps they dont understand; making mass gargs will still be depending on the map and the players, and of course how many garg you have.

Imagine if no mass gargs in the game, then it is definately a losing game. The most funny part in the replay is the opponent still making bunch of hyppos at the end of the games to ensure the gargs have enough dinner before ending of the game... hahahaha

Download the replays here