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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Comparison of AMD True GHz

AMD, being one of my beloved processor, which I have witnessed myself how AMD processor out-performed its competitor. After the season of AMD Athlon XP, here come with many big brothers, which are AMD 64, Dual Core and FX.

Many users are confused about the model number given by AMD, the model number does not mean the processor running speed, but perhaps is only marketing strategies or etc. For example, Athlon XP 3000+ does not run at 3.0GHz, but in actual fact the processor is running at about 2.17GHz. Do not be disappointed with the small 2.17GHz of the processor, you will be surprise how it out-performed the competitor which has true 3.0GHz processor speed. I shall say the numbering given by AMD perhaps served as a benchmark the performance is equivalent to the competitor 3.0 GHz speed.

To clear your doubts about the true GHz run by the processor, I have consolidated the list of all AMD models for AMD64, AMD Dualcore and AMD FX for your reference.