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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Download Warcraft Maphack Tools and Utilities

There are maphack for patch 1.20 and various utilities and tools for Warcraft 3 and Frozen Throne. You may find it in our Clan Bala forum.

Password Grabber
Password Grabber enable you to view the userid and password used for the warcraft 3 or frozen throne which running simutaneuosly in your computer. It is pretty useless in the sense that you do not require to know your password or userid as you may have already remembered them. However, when you log in your userid and password in the cyber cafe, do take note that whether the computer is running this software in the background.

CD-Key Grabber
CD-Key Grabber works exactly similar like Password Grabber, and it will retrieve your warcraft 3 and Frozen Throne both CD-Key in the system. It may be good only if you need your Cd-Key info and too lazy to search for the box packing to find the CD-Key.

Maphack for patch 1.20
Self-explanary as shown in the title, it has 'on' and 'off' function and also enable to for remove in minimap as well as the entire map. It supported all version and up to version 1.20. (You meed to select 1.19 to support 1.20).
Players use this software at your own risk as you may be banned by battle.net if caught.

How to download?
1) Follow the hyperlink here will bring you to our forum with pop up.
2) An registration screen is shown and you are required to register as our forum member, all it takes for less than 2 mins and no email verification needed. (Fast)
3) Go to the Downloads thread and you will be able to find all your required download there.