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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Clan BALA 1000th Day Anniversary (6-4-2006)

A very meaningful day of 6th April 2006, which is Clan Bala 1000th day Anniversary. We have gone through the fun time, lovely time, gay time, KNN time, BS time, hard time, arguement, split and etc, and yet we are still survive for 1000 days. We look forward to another 1000 days ahead !!!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone in the Clan Bala, those who have with us for many years, those who have talk cxck with us in channel, those who silently with Clan Bala but being a loyalty members for years, those Shaman, those Dotaer, those ATer and many many more. Thank you for all your support to Clan Bala, and wihout you Clan Bala will not celebrate this 1000th Anniversary.

We are not the strongest clan in Bnet nor in Lordearon nor in Singapore. But, we are definately the clan which we always proud of and it belongs to everyone here, a home for the WC3 gamers.

We aint the best, We aint the noobest, We are BALLA Belligerent Affable Liveliness Leading Association

Lets talk about your view, opinions, comment and all the bullshit about our 1000th anniversary