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Saturday, April 29, 2006

The Satan of Your Heart

I write the following with deeply regret to those who is having the Satan in the heart.

For those some one who are reading this, you may know what have you done deep in your heart. Please kill your Satan in your heart, kill the jealousy in your mind.

Just for info, I love my family, second my career, and I appreciate very much to have friends like you and lastly i love gaming.

We dont want to compete with others, how others performed and etc, we congrats them.
We dont want to offend the others, I always hope to have a peaceful day.
Furthermore this is just a game, and a clan which suppose to be the place where people gather. We dont want to create hoo haa there.

Please chase your Satan from your heart and praise God who had created us and created warcraft3, which had made us knowing each other as friend. Remember the old day when you were in Bala.