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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

100th Post in Clan Bala Blog

This is the 100th post after the Clan Bala blogspot launched on 25 July 2005. Out aim to keep all Clan Bala members as well as all Warcraft 3 players and all visitors to have the most updated news about Clan Bala, games, warcraft 3, Dota, IT news and many many more.

Clan Bala is going to celebrate the 900 days Anniversary on 27 December 2005. I suggest to host some game competitions in-house either dota or even standard games. We also welcome all players to visit us at Clan Bala channel at Lordearon (USWEST) on that day.

With a team of regular, active and friendly players, Clan Bala has reached total of more than few thoudsands ladder game, and the figure is keep increasing. We also have lost count numbers of dota games till todate.

Till date, Clan Bala has about 89 members in Clan and in addition, Clan Bala has its subsidiary Clan, Clan LGDE which is active with Dota games as well.

To all Clan Bala members, keep up the good work and remember to stay good relationship. No only always remember to say a GG, but also to maintain a GG in gaming.