Which is your favourite race in AT?

Friday, December 16, 2005

Custom Map For Download

Run, Kitty, Run is a simple, yet fun, fast-paced game. The objective is to avoid the Evil Dogs as you make your way towards the center of the map. Be sure not to get left too far behind as you and your teammates will need to rely on one another to make it to the end.


Battleships is an Aeon of Strife map that pits you and your friends against one another in a fun sea battle. You may start the game as a sailor and upgrade to bigger, better ships along the way. Choose from a variety of ships with different abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. After you've made a name for yourself, bring the Captain ashore to purchase items for your ship and head back out to join the fight.


Choose one of ten governors, each having a different set of elements available to them. You will also be able to select from a total of 80 different towers, many with unique abilities, to prevent 40 levels of monsters from reaching the center of the map. Purchase a Hero to catch leaks, use special abilities, and defend your base. Teamwork is necessary if you expect to win!