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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Need For Speed Most Wanted, Clan Bala Review

Personally recommendation on the hardware:-
CPU:- Pentium 4, 3Ghz and above or AMD 3000+ and above.
Memory: 512MB is minimum, recommended 1GB
Graphic Card: nVidia 5900, 5700Ultra, 6600, 6800 and above
Input:- Work well with MOMO USB PC wheel

Too many buttons to click to go in one menu
The interface is quite confusing for newbie

Manual attached is quite useful
Some tips and hint during every loading of the game

Internet Play
Lagging especially in the public game
Slow initial connection of the userid
Time consuming in registering one new account

No lagging in the private game
Many players in the custom game
Leavers will be given incompletion %
Players will be locked to launch game

Single Play
Too many loading for every screen play
Unable to select car for the quick play
Not able to test out the map (single car)

Intelligent AI
Police chasing is very fun
Game will not get boring even if is single play