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Monday, May 08, 2006

A Good Kick by Singtel

Singtel has launched its aggressive promotion on the internet provider services and give Starhub a slap to wake up early this year. The slap does not stop there while now $500 cash voucher and $200 mobile phone voucher is giving out for high-end plan to further give Starhub a big slap.

Starhub used to give a good promotion in the internet service but the trend has been slowing down after they release their 6500 plan and Ultimate plan. They more emphasize in the high-end plan and not really encourage the customer to take up the 2000 plan. The promotion isnt that good for 2000 anymore (used to give XBOX and etc). The way they offering the promotion make me in doubt whether the speed of 2000 plan also being reduced or not to cater for high-end plan.

I think the trend is going to change soon after the agressive promotion given by the Singnet, at least they are more fair and equal to all levels of customer, Singnet offer the high end plan a good deal as well as lower end plan with reasonable deal...take a look of the promotion...
Soon, I think we will see a fighting promotion between both service provider which will definately benefit the customers... so far there isnt much counter reaction by Starhub .. but they started to offer the combi-dual service (mobile with internet) to give up a good deal promotion. I expected some good promotion is coming on the way for low end plan or the high-end price may be reduced soon...

Personally, I hate Starhub services but I have no choice to continue with its cable TV. As I notice that Starhub has emphasize a lot on the internet service and mobile, but did not provide any good promotion for the cable TV. This is because they are still "monopolise" the market at this moment. Even if the customer wanted to re-contract, there isnt much promotion for the customer. Even if I wanted to change the name to different family member, they will not consider as they look at the residential address only. Personally I think this is a bit ridculious as there are various reason changing owner of cable TV which I think is arguable. What I looking forward is a new competitor who will offer the paid TV to the customers... think the day will come .. and I will definately swap to new service if Starhub still ignore to take a good care of their existing customers.