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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

We Defeated Them Again

In fact, it was not just one game which we defeated one of the Clan in Singapore (for those who had already knew it), but we have few games which defeated them in the standard ladder game which all replays are captured.

However, in order not to create more unhappiness from other clans, those replays will not be posted, since they are just way too sensitive on certain facts.

We have tried to being polite, and also apologise on the posting of replays which we defeated them, and also politely to advise them thier post in their forum can be removed, but no reply was given and yet the topic still being continuously posted in their Clan forum. Although, everyone has their right to post anything or any of their opinions in their own forum, we will just ignore them and forgive them.

Whatever they have posted or they are going to post, are not important and meaningful anymore. So long we have already taken an initiative to avoid all unnecessaries misunderstanding. 公道自在人心.

Hereby, this matter had come to conclusion now, and if they think that we have the freedom to talk, please do not come and interupt our article or posting in our own blog. Appreciate if their Clan Member can avoid spamming and abusing our Clan forum and also BNet channel, which behaved more NO-MANNER as what they have posted to reflect themselves, which we have never done such childish act and to abuse others forum and chat channel.

Just some updates ... lately I am just way too busy with the Cybercafe business and my job too.. lol ... but may still have some time to do some dota but not AT or RT.. since had already retired since long... (hmmm.. now something strike my mind, have already retired so long, and yet can win them... kee kee ... okok .. shall stop discuss this topic anymore... lol)

But their spamming about our Clan homepage had made me earn few bulks too, because of the visits to both forum and homepage had increased a bit...

Enjoy your stay at the Clan Bala homepage and may the Mighty God Bless You. Praise God and world peace !!!