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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Harddisk Warranty By Seagate

I bought my Seagate harddisk for less than 1 year and the harddisk being corrupted for some unknown reasons.

I checked my receipts which I brought from Video Pro last year and heng heng the purchased date is still less than 1 year, and indicated in the receipt that the product is warranty for 1 year.

After some checking, I found out that my harddisk actually being warranty for 5 years by Seagate and all I need to do is send in my harddisk and I will get the replacement to send to my house the next day.

Quite fast service and worth to buy.. the only thing is the delivery service by UPS is suck and the office location of Seagate is too far for me.. at Changi South ..: (

Overall, I still satisfy with the 5 years 1-1 exchange service.