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Monday, May 08, 2006

Possible Dota Hack Program

Some comment by the map hack programmer about the possible dota hack features which may be coming real soon. Discuss your comment in Clan Bala forum here.

Very Good Dota hack succestions are:

1. enemy chat hack: see what enemys chat. (Very usefull)** Can work sometime,"very rarely", but only host could have this feature. Then it is useless.(Could also use FakePlayerHack but ennemy will have 1 less player then surrely ennemy will leave if FakePlayer don't move)

2. the old clickable units feature (in custom games no ban risk) (Very usefull)** The private MapHack version have this feature, but did not release because too easy detectable by replay, because in replay all click is record.

3. Illusion Detecter, shows you what is a illusion or not. (Very usefull)** I current work on this, i hope found how do it soon : (

4. a host hack like the one in starcraft. example: gives you host privilegs, abillity to kick people when your not the host! (i have one for sc, one for tft would be awesome)** I know ways for do it, but it is VERY complexe, it is not Warcraft Hacking but Network Hacking.

5. anti kick hack, a hack that prevents you to get kicked from host in pre lobby. (Very usefull)** Impossible

6. fakeplayer: allows you ingame to chat with a other players name. ** Impossible

7. a hack that gives you a signal when a certain player (or all) have specified hp or mana, example, i want to know when player 3 has exeact 300 hp, and then the hack tells me! or give me a signal. or permanently check health of all players and when someones hp is unter a specifed number it gives me a signal or ping.** Ping in minimap ? You could find it usefull ???Seriouly InformationHack about all Informartion in game can be done, BUT MAJOR problem is how give this information.If a day you find easy ways for write text in War3 Windows it could solve this problem.

8. a feature to permantent turn on enemy hp and mana bars like the same when you press and hold "Alt" (Very usefull)**The idea can be done, i will do it when i will have time.

9. i think next one is immposible: maybe a way to hack the random dmg from your hits, example: you have 40-50 dmg, and i turn hack on i do every hit 50 dmg!**Impossible

10. a hack that tells you your enemys skills and/or cooldowns. (Very usefull)**Same problem with all InformationHack ... how i show this information.

11. a hack that shows your exact change to get a critical strike, or other % based skills.**Same problem with all InformationHack ... how i show this information.

12. a DPS meter? show you how much dmg you do in a sek or maybe a tool that show you how much dmg you have done, example i push a button then its record my dmg, i push again and it shows me how many dmg i have done.** ..... no .. i don't will spend my time on this ^^