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Monday, May 08, 2006

Released of maphack version 1.20c

Here some facts about the maphack version 1.20c, visit us for the next release soon...

*Custom Fog PlayersI receive good comment about Fog Players, then i add feature for enable which players you want. Work for MainMap and MiniMap.

*View Unit - MissileEnable view "Missile" in the fog.Missile is arrow, spear ... all ranged attack, this features enable you to see object "Missile" between the attacker and the target during the attack.

*View Unit - DeadEnable view little animation when the unit die in the fog.It is very hard too see ^^

*Ping SignalEnable view on your MiniMap, all players ping in the game. (Enemy and ally)Ping signal is when you do Alt-G "MiniMap Signal"

*Ping AdvisorEnable view all ping/message advisor of all players.Ping/Message advisor is green ping on minimap when your unit is terminate, or your building, or upgrade.This feature is off by default, use it with 11 computer and you will understand the reason ^^.

*CameraThis features enable you to adjust all setting on 6 camera positions.Distance, blizzard set normal view to 1650, with this features you can set it to 3000 or 4000 for get large view.You can also set AoA .... for see in which angle you want see the map.And set the rotation ... for 3 position. Normal .. Left and Right ( Insert / Delete )You have total control for set 6 camera with your own setting.

*TradeAmount ( Small / Large )This feature enable to edit your increment number when you trade.This can be usefull if you have a person who ask you give me all your money, and you dont want, then you send him only 1 gold and you say i don't have more ^^Because number < 100 is impossible if you don't have less 100 gold.With this feature you can choice your amount, and then do 1 gold increment.Also, in few custom game, where you can have 100 000 gold very fast, it can be usefull set your amount with high number.For people who don't know, Large Amount is do with Ctrl+Click.