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Monday, May 15, 2006

Import Clan Bala Local BanList Database (May 2006)

Clan Bala's trusted local banlist is available for you to download and add into your banlist program. Currently there are 742 players and IP kept in Clan Bala Banlist database. More to be come and please update when necessary.

Clan Bala is active in Dota's games and we have a trusted and consolidated banned players list in our local clan database. This database is the consolidated from most of the Clan Bala members.

Why download Clan Bala Banlist?
(1) We banned only the first 2 players who leave the dota game.
(2) It helps you to minimise the risk of meeting leavers when you hosting dota game
(3) We do not "anyhow" ban players unless it is necessary to be banned

How to upload the banlist and sych in your local banlist?
(1) Click on the "Local Databases" tab
(2) Click on the "diskette" icon
(3) Choose "import local bans from txt file"
(4) Proceed according to the on screen instruction.

Click here to download Clan Bala local banlist database.